For me "The Quiet Man" is one of those Hollywood films that makes you feel the world is a wonderful place,
off course it's not the real ireland but it's the Ireland we all imagine,
The partnership of Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne is nothing short of magical,
The masterly Director John Fords eye for a good camera composition ensures that
the viewer is treated with almost a sense that every frame is a painting,
ad to this a cast of supporting characters that are full of  whimsical charm,
I feel it's a wonderful film that will continue to stand the test of time, for all time.

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Cohans Bar ButtonThe Quite Man's HouseStation Gate in Ballyglunin ButtonStation Button

Dying Man's House ButtonPath to Beach ButtonAsford Hotel ButtonThe Bridge

Cong, a delightful village on the north eastern shore of Lough Corrib is most famous as the setting for the film
"The Quiet Man",



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